Mercato medievale. Miniatura di "Etica, Politica e Economia" - Aristotele (XV secolo) - Rouen, I.2 927

Other services

The presence of skilled and experienced professionals enables the Negozio Giuridico to offer, as well as legal advice, other relevant services. 

Here you can find some examples of services.


  • family mediation;
  • surveys, document retrieval and other services at the land registry office, the notarial archive, or the courts;
  • consultancy on the deeds of sale of real estate;
  • drafting of statements of succession;
  • engineering consultancies and surveys;
  • computer examination and consultancy;
  • financial and insurance consultancy and surveys;
  • pre-judicial expert reports on handwriting;
  • fiscal consultancies;
  • property and inheritance valuations;
  • investigations;
  • certified translations.

 The range of services offered can vary at each Negozio; it is therefore advisable to contact directly the nearest Negozio to confirm availability.